Wednesday, February 5, 2020


Buy realestate in Dubai’ is a common phrase that residents often read. Whether it is through social media or the local newspaper, investing in real estate has and will be advertised for a long time. Despite the images of well-furnished homes in beautiful locations, people continue to ignore it. One of the primary reasons why readers disregard these advertisements is due to the lack of answers. Two common questions always asked is ‘why should I invest in real estate’ and ‘why invest in Dubai.’ Therefore, moving forward, we will provide the answers to your frequent questions. 
Why invest in real estate?

Statistics published in 2017 revealed that 90% of millionaires increased their wealth through buying property. Later in 2019, CNBC interviewed nine advisors from The Oracle to test if the statistics were accurate. To everyone’s surprise, the article concluded that investing in property successfully multiplied income. 

According to reputable sources like Entrepreneur, Forbes, and Investopedia, real estate is an excellent investment that promises an attractive and stable income. The key advantages of investing in real estate are higher return, high tangible asset value, and tax benefits. In other words, since real estate is a tangible asset, the amount of money increases over time. Additionally, having complete control over the property allows you to sell when the market improves, thereby building equity. Along with increasing income, real estate comes with numerous tax benefits. “While I suggest diversifying your investments, there is no better place to park your money than brick-and-mortar investments you can live in and enjoy. When you invest in your surroundings, you invest in yourself,” Holly Parker told CNBC.

Why invest in Dubai?

Dubai, as we all know, began with a humble background and has evolved into a dynamic country. With state-of-art infrastructure, the land is built with a vision of the future. Thanks to their magnificent skyscrapers and numerous entertainments, the UAE has become a popular tourist destination. Therefore, while investing in Dubai, you are spending on land that boasts a safe and thriving economy. In 2019, UAE ranked first in the region for the ease of doing business. The results were based on parameters like starting a business, dealing with permits, and registration of property. Additionally, GOBankingRates revealed that UAE is the second-best country to purchase a rental property out of the 25 countries surveyed. Continuous advancements combined with the ease and high returns have resulted in UAE becoming an excellent investment.  
In conclusion, investing in Dubai properties proves to be an excellent source for maximizing your income.

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